LCD Information

Hardware / LCD Board Information

The LCD appears to be based on the ReprapDiscount Graphics LCD with some changes to the pinout and connector and removed SD support. The LCD has to be the one where the encoder knob lines up with the right side of the LCD screen.


  • Chipset: LCD12864
  • Beeper
  • EStop
  • Encoder Selector with Button
  • LCD Backlight switch (manual on side of board)
  • LCD Contrast adjustment (manual on back of board)
  • No SD support on the LCD

LCD Pins / EStop:

There is ONLY the 10 pin LCD connector and the ICSP port.

In the LCD standard in the Reprap community, there is LCD (SPi protocol so at least 3 pins) you go the encoder+ click, so that's 3 more pins, then you got beeper 1 pin, and Estop is a standard in he interface 1 pin. If 2 pins are power and ground, that's all 10 pins accounted for.

The only other connector is the ISCP and that's in parallel with the SD card.

NO in most Repraps, the Estop is just an input to the firmware to reset and there are options on HOW the firmware handles it. NO it is not a power kill, but on some boards it can command a power supply shutdown. Melzi doesn't have any free pins to control a PSU. . This is the low end of the Reprap open source. The Melzi is meant to be a low cost no extra options kind of board. It works, it prints well, but it is NOT every bell and whistle option. That said, it follows standards established in the Reprap community. It runs Reprap firmware. The LCD interface board follows the minimum number of user control inputs- LCD, encoder+click and Estop along with alarm or beeper.

LCD Connector
Header PinI/O PinDescription
2A1 / 30Encoder B
3D16LCD Data
4A2 /29Encoder A
6A3 / 28Enc Button
8A4 / 27Beeper
9+5LCD Power