User Mods


Show off your i3 prints! All of my photos are of natural PLA printed at around 50mm/s @190-205 C and 0.15 to 0.3mm layers. Here is what I've changed on my machine:

  • guide tube for filament
  • added vented panel to control box with 40mm fan
  • eeprom settings updated with 400steps.. for z, lowered Y accel to 800, jerk to 17, increased z homing speed to 20.. probably more I cant remember.
  • glass plate
  • x axis bearings reduced to 2 and upgraded to lm8luu size (also shimmed bearing with paper to make them fit TIGHT in bearing blocks)
  • x axis bearing blocks trimmed to clear belt. I went ahead and trimmed both of them on both sides to reduce a little mass
  • z axis dampers installed
  • nuts added to build plate adjustment screws to lock in place
  • build plate holes slightly enlarged
  • removed x and y axis tension springs and re-tensioned
  • increased x axis belt bolt length to 25mm to clear bearing block

Still to do:

  • swap out filament drive gear with MK9 style
  • add another fan to electronics box
  • change part cooling fan duct to plastic for reduced mass
  • add angled LCD panel

Here is what I purchased online:

The snap rings and o-rings were for the X bearing upgrade. The shaft collars are for holding the Z-axis rods vertically when dampers are installed.