Rafts not sticking to bed

Source: 3D Printer Tips, Tricks and Reviews Google Group. Users Sara Kubik and Ryan Carlyle

I'm trying to build what I thought was a straightforward build. I have a Flashforge Creator Pro, modeled in 123D Design, sliced in Makerbot Desktop to an ABS high default setting of 15% infill, 2 shells, .10 layer height, 230 degree celsius extruder, build plated heated with 110 degree celsius, extruding at 90 mm/s.


But here is what happened when the raft was built. Some parts looked good and some parts curled up. Like curly-qued up not just lifted (although some parts were lifted as well).

I thought I leveled the plate and there's a Kapton tape on it. This really is one of the first builds since I got the printer so the tape is on pretty well. And I wiped it down with a damp rag. The printer is in my mud room so there ARE open windows nearby, but I kept the plastic hood on the machine.


Where the first raft layer is squiggling, the build plate is too far from the nozzle. Make sure you're leveling after the system has preheated, and don't be afraid to adjust the leveling screws a bit while the first layer is going down.
Eventually, you'll get good enough at leveling that you won't need rafts... But they're an ok place to start while you get the hang of things.