Duplicator I3 Firmware Information

Information gathered on the correct EEPROM settings for use with Repetier firmware and the compile options when compiling from source. We have successfully compiled the latest firmware v0.92.3 from source after making some modifications to support the LCD pins and board features.

Known EEPROM settings:
  • X Steps/mm 80
  • Y Steps/mm 80
  • X Homing Speed 40
  • Y Homing Speed 40
  • Z Steps/mm 400
  • Z Max Steps/mm 25
  • Z Homing Speed 15
  • EXT1 Steps ~105
  • EXT1 Management Type: 3 for Deadtime
  • EXT1 PID Gain (if using type 3): 7
  • HB Management Type: 3 for Deadtime
  • HB PID Gain (if using type 3): 7
Firmware Configuration Options:
  • All homing is to MIN Endstops
  • Motherboard type is 63 for Melzi
  • FEATURE_CONTROLLER is 11 for Reprap full graphics LCD controller
  • Processor selection is Sanguino 1284p 16MHZ

Note: The code compiles with basic options and auto bed leveling enabled but without the z probe enabled takes up 93% or 122K of the 131K of program space.